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RAI: Storia, Isabella d’Este e Lucrezia Borgia, Signore del Rinascimento 
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Person Recital Hall
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
13 May 2017

  • Marc Callahan, voice / Laudon Schuett, lute
  • Max Kadel, voice / Molly Barnes, treble viol / Shaw Lentz, bass viol / Allison Lathrop, bass viol / Brent Wissick, bass viol
  • Jeanne Fischer, voice / Laudon Schuett, lute / Brent Wissick, cello / Elaine Funaro, harpsichord
  • Tim Sparks, Testo / Marc Callahan, Tancredi / Jeanne Fischer, Clorinda / Laudon Schuett, lute / Elaine Funaro, harpsichord / Nicholas DiEugenio, violin / Molly Barnes, violin / Chris Campo-Bowen, viola / Brent Wissick, cello
  • Texts edited & translated by Anne MacNeil


Lisa Boutin Vitela of IDEA Ceramics provides an overview of Isabella d’Este’s collection with a discussion of Isabella’s maiolica service in the video, “Early Renaissance Courts: Isabella d’Este.” Viewers may also be interested in her broader discussion in “Early Renaissance Art of the Italian Courts.” Dr. Boutin Vitela’s YouTube Channel Art History Basix explores art of the ancient, medieval, and early modern world.




Early Music Television, Isabella d’Este: First Lady of the Renaissance
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