Kress Foundation Grant awarded for The Virtual Studiolo

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation has generously awarded a Digital Resources Grant to IDEA Co-Director Deanna Shemek and her team to fund the production of a demonstration video prototype as the first phase of Isabella d’Este: Virtual Studiolo.  This project aims to reassemble in a virtual, digital, open-access environment one of Renaissance Italy’s most stunning art collections, the studiolo of Isabella d’Este (1474-1539), marchesa of the city-state of Mantua. We are designing the Virtual Studiolo to have broad appeal for scholars, students, and the general public, highlighting the rich beauty of our subject matter and creating a significant advance in relation to current methods for understanding Renaissance collecting.

The Virtual Studiolo video prototype will be created by

Giovanni Bellavia
Daniele De Luca
Antonella Guidazzoli
Maria Chiara Liguori

in collaboration with

Deanna Shemek (Principal Investigator)
University of California, Santa Cruz
Co-Director, IDEA: Isabella d’Este Archive

Molly Bourne
Syracuse University in Florence

Stephen Campbell
The Johns Hopkins University

and the Palazzo Ducale di Mantova